Hello, my name is Blake Tollefson. I am extremely passionate about the outdoors, but more specifically fishing. On an annual basis, I typically spend between 150-200 days on the water and ice. Crappies and walleyes have my focus, but I’ve also taken a liking to stream trout over the last few years. I grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota where I was initially introduced to the outdoors. I graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in the Natural Resources field. In 2014, I moved to West Central Wisconsin and quickly fell in love with everything this amazing area has to offer. Aside from fishing, I also enjoy bow hunting, writing, and spending time with my wife and family. Educating others regarding my experiences and knowledge is especially important to me, and a major factor in wanting to be a part of the Badger Sportsman Ambassador Team. The magazine and online resources are filled with endless amounts of advice, knowledge, and information to help educate fellow sportsman. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing my experiences with all of you!



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