Aug 20, 2020

Unexpected Hook-Up On Lake Michigan 

By: Kyle R.

It always seems easier to wake up in the morning when you know you are going fishing than walking into your everyday job, to say the least; it is hard to fall asleep the night before. Tossing and turning knowing I will tie into some of the biggest fish at the end of my rod on the great lake of Michigan. That morning called for an early awakening to be out with my dad, wife, some of my closest friends and also Andy Bushman and Kyle Deavers that are in the chartering business, busting each day morning to evening locating the freshest fish in Lake Michigan but we didn’t care what time it was, we were ready to go. As Andy and Kyle were setting up the trolling rods, I was exchanging head nods with my father letting each other know we were ready to see those poles bend. I expected to tie into some bigger fish that morning but this called for bigger than life moments. 

An hour later, we were hovering over the hot spot with the nearly full moon fading away and the sunrise about to peak over the lake and sure enough, the sound of a screaming reel was happening. I was lucky enough to take on the first fish and there I was reeling away hoping to land a giant fish. As my fight was happening the sound of a second reel was screaming. We were doubled up, there was my dad and I both fighting giant fish off the end of the charter boat. As we were laughing fighting these fish, sure enough the third reel starting to screaming meaning we were tripled up. Fighting three giant fish with my wife on the third reel fighting this fishing. Trying not to tangle into each other sure enough the sound of the fourth reel is screaming but thankfully the captain had landed my giant king salmon. My father finally landed his giant king salmon. As we all stood there smiling, my wife pulled in her giant king salmon. I asked myself if we were really going to land all four fish. As nervousness sets in looking forward to land the fourth, my friend was there fighting for minutes which seemed like hours needless to say the fourth giant fish had luck on its side to live another day. We all assumed it was another giant king salmon which would’ve made it a quad bite which is almost nearly unheard of but I assure you that we will take three out of four bites that were landed successfully by Andy Bushman and Kyle Deavers.           

After slamming into king salmon we decided to head out in search of a few lake trout to put in the cooler and sure enough the team got it done and stocked the yeti cooler full of fresh lake trout. It was a very successful trip and nothing beats a great summer bite. The next day called for a good brine recipe that I had hidden. After a good 24-hour brine, I finally got to fire up the smoker. After six long impatient hours I finally found myself eating a few pieces right off of the smoker. I suggest to vacuum seal all of your valuable fish to preserve them longer. Cheap buy to keep those fresh fish fresh. I do believe every angler should spoil themselves to let a guide spoil them to take them over their hot spots. Its sure worth the enjoyment and harvest.  

Outdoor Enthusiasts, Kyle D. Reinke