Hello to all my fellow outdoorsmen and women,

I was born and raised in the East Central part of the Badger state in the small town of New Holstein. My passion for the outdoors started when I was 8 years old, when my grandpa first took me out for the annual tradition of the Wisconsin gun opener. I remember spending the summers shortly after that first experience learning how to shoot archery, cut arrows, and wrench on bows in grandpa’s shed. Little did he and I know at the time, he didn’t just spark my lifelong interest in the outdoors, but started shaping a significant part of who I am today.  

By the time I was 15 years old, I started turning my passion for hunting and fishing into a career. At 15, I started working for Heater Body Suit Inc, a hunting garment manufacturer. In college, I began working for Gander Mountain at the firearms counter and finished my college career working as an archery technician at The Reel Shot in Appleton, WI. Post-college, I began working for Lakewood Products, a manufacture of hunting and fishing cases in Suamico, WI.  Over those 11 years, I had the opportunity to travel the country and connect with many individuals at the ATA and SHOT shows, plus many deer, turkey, and musky expos. I was also able to spend those 11 years building some of the best hunting memories and creating a fish story or two. 

I’ve chased whitetails from the national forests of Presque Isle and county forests of Antigo, to the private farmlands of Sheboygan County. I’ve even been lucky enough to miss a few from Kentucky to the U.P.  I’ve spent long hours with a sore neck staring down the sturgeon spearing hole, and have had fatigued arms from casting bucktails between Pelican lake and Green Bay.  I’ve enjoyed sunrises in layout blinds honking at Canadians and have winced more than once, from my waders filling up with ice cold Winnebago water when setting up mallard decoys. I’ve even bellycrawled the Western hills of Wisconsin in the pursuit of strutting gobblers. However, it’s not the “I’ve”, that keeps my passion alive for the outdoors. It’s the “We” that I didn’t mention, that was a part of each one of those memories, stories, and experiences above. Sharing these moments with family, friends, and other individuals that strive for the same pursuit of game, is what I find most rewarding in the outdoors. As a brand ambassador for Badger Sportsman, I hope to share my outdoor experiences, so that others can create more enjoyable and successful outdoor memories with their friends and family.  Best of luck on your next outdoor experience!



Tyler Lomibao


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