May 10, 2018

American Robin 

Wisconsin’s State Bird offers a telltale sign of spring 

by Chris Bellin 

Turdus migratorius  

Probably one of the most easily identified birds in the Badger State is the American robin. 

With their gray back and orange breast they are one of the signs that spring is not too far away. They are fairly large as far as song birds go, and their early morning songs are unmistakable once you know what you are listening for. 

You will find American robins in city parks, golf courses and in your front yard looking for worms and other insects. They balance their diet with a large amount of fruit when available. Ask any gardener with an uncovered strawberry patch or cherry tree and you probably will get a scowl. 

Robins nest in a variety of places, but not in bird houses. You can attract them to your yard by building a nest shelf, but even then they may not use it. 

Robins have one to three broods per year with a clutch size of three to five eggs. The eggs are blue-green in color and will hatch in about two weeks.  

The young will fledge about two weeks after hatching and they will look much like the adults, except the breast will have dark spots. 

Welcome to spring and enjoy the state bird of the Badger State.