Sep 9, 2017

Starry Stornewort 


Invasive species can spread easily by hitching a ride on boats and other equipment, including trailers, anchors, livewells, buckets and bilges.  Boaters can easily prevent this spread by taking simple precautions. 

  • Inspect your boat, trailer, anchor and all equipment and remove all attached plants, animals, mud and debris  
  • Drain all water from boats, motors, livewells, bait buckets and other equipment  
  • Never move live fish away from a waterbody  
  • Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash  
  • Buy minnows from a Wisconsin bait dealer, and use leftover minnows only if you will be using them on that same waterbody or if no lake or river water or other fish have been added to the container 
  • Keep drain plugs out during transport 

Failure to inspect boats, trailers and equipment at the boat landing is a violation of Wisconsin state law! 


If you think you see starry stonewort, the DNR wants to know about it!  Find information about how to report it here: or contact your local DNR office. Starry Stonewart 


The Wisconsin DNR has Early Detection and Response grants to help with removal, control and monitoring of new populations of aquatic invasive species.