Mar 10, 2014

Rockton Sportsman’s Club “Learn to Hunt” program 

By: Aaron Mithum

“There he is… you see him?” “Yes, I see him, yes I do.” “Ok. Whenever you get a chance you can shoot OK….Whenever you’re ready, whenever you’re ready” “Boom!”

“Did I get him?” 

For the Rockton Sportsman’s Club 2014 will mark the 6th year that we have been able to sponsor a turkey “Learn to Hunt” program. The program, in conjunction with the Wisconsin DNR, offers first time hunters, age 10 and over, a great opportunity to harvest their first wild turkey and also make some great memories that will never be forgotten. With a program that started in 2009 as a way to better get our area youth into the great sport of hunting, our program has evolved over the years and we feel become better on every level. In addition to participating in the safety aspects of handling a gun, along with going through a shooting course complete with real life hunting scenarios, each participant is given a turkey vest, box call, slate call, camo shirt, camo hat, camo gloves, facemask, hen decoy and snacks for the hunt. As we have continued to grow and allocate more resources to this program we now also sponsor 2 guns to be given away to the participants in a drawing. This has become an exciting time for our participants during knowing they may be winning their first gun!

As with any great organization it takes leaders and people committed to the cause to make it all happen. Our club and community have been very fortunate to have nearly all the same mentors in 2014 as we had in 2009. Each of them gladly gives their time to helping first time hunters, young and old, experience the outdoors. In addition, the success of this program has generated more interest in supporting our club. Our members know that the money they spend at our banquet is going toward a great cause through the “Learn to Hunt” program or the scholarships that are given out to our local schools.   Since 2009 over $13,000 has been given by the Rockton Sportsman’s Club to these programs.

As another spring comes closer we are once again planning for our banquet and the “Learn to Hunt” program. This year will mark the participation of our 100th participant in the “Learn to Hunt” and we have made some changes to our banquet to continue to make it even better. Nothing good comes easy but our club and this program are a true testament to what the dedication and hard work of people can do in continuing to provide first time hunters with experiences that will create lifetime memories. 

The Rockton Sportsman’s Club would like to thank everyone involved who attends our banquet and supports the Learn to Hunt Program.   We would like to give a special thanks to Cabela’s, Stacey and Jodi Myers at Rockton Bar, Shawna Stringham, Richard Wallin and Todd Camlek for their generous donation of time, merchandise or money that continue to help make this program a success!