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We are a group of sportsmen and women like you who love Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Some of us hunt, some fish, some fish and hunt, some just talk about fishing and hunting. We like to camp, kayak, backpack, mushroom hunt, ski, snowboard, rock climb, bird watch, and generally participate in a multitude of other outdoor activities our great state has to offer.

We all love the Packers….and the Badgers, Brewers and Bucks when they're winning. One of our favorite outdoor activities is tailgating!

Our mission is to "Help subscribers have more fun, live more consciously, grow spiritually, and enrich their lives through outdoor activities." Our vision is to become the premier outdoor magazine and Web site in Wisconsin and your primary source for top quality information, services and products.

We need your help! The men and women at Badger Sportsman do not have a lock on all the knowledge, information, great ideas and fun things to do in Wisconsin and the UP's vast and varied outdoors. To that end, we will be continuously soliciting your input to take the historic Badger Sportsman to increasingly higher levels. As a reader of the Badger Sportsman you are a Badger Sportsman and a valued member of our team.

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Together we can have more fun, live more consciously, grow spiritually, and enrich our lives through outdoor activities!

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