Apr 15, 2019

Spring Valley Kennel

Dane, Green, Iowa, Sauk, Richland, Crawford, Vernon counties.
This is not a hobby for us. We track full time during the deer season. Sean gives seminars across the United States on tracking, as well as serving as Secretary for the United Blood Trackers Association. Our tracking dogs are experienced and proven. Kieler was named Tracking Dog of the Year for the US and Canada for 2015 and 2016 from the BMHCA.

Our fees are $100/within 1 hour of our facility in Blue Mounds. If it’s further we will pro-rate it. Please understand that we are extremely busy during the rut. We WILL ALWAYS return your call as soon as possible. Even if we can’t get to you, we will try to find you a different tracker or give some advice on the track. Thank you!

Owner: Linda Bennett

Phone: 608-437-4000

Facebook: Click Here