Sheepshead Toss - For The Kids!

Raise money for the Oshkosh Kid Foundation! This is a nonprofit entity helping to tackle issues of poverty in Oshkosh Wisconsin.

About the Festival 


About Badger Sportsman's Sheephead Toss


The inaugural sheepshead toss competition is part of a larger event centered around raising funds to assist children and families in the Oshkosh area meet immediate basic needs. 

Proceeds benefit Oshkosh Kids Foundation, a nonprofit entity helping to tackle issues of poverty in Oshkosh.

The day of festivities also includes a Canadian tuxedo contest, raffles, live music and Cow Poop Bingo – a one-of-a-kind raffle where one lucky winner will take home $4,000 because a cow at the event determined it was time to take care of business while standing in that individual’s $100 square on a giant grid of 196 available squares.

But one of the main events for the day involves what’s believed to be the first-ever championships for tossing a sheepshead for distance. Drum hurlers pay a nominal $10 per fish to participate in the event, with the participant launching sheepshead the furthest distance taking home the inaugural world title crown, along with other accompanying pomp and circumstance.

So how does one best toss a sheepshead? Granny style, of course! But overhand and sidearm tactics might serve equally well if your aging rotator cuff permits.

The event also aims to help get some of the sheepshead population out of the Lake Winnebago system. This is not a ‘Bring Your Own Sheepshead’ event - there will be already-lobbed sheepsheads available for you to use, if you take up the challenge to participate.

Come on over to Oshkosh Labor Day weekend for a unique opportunity to stand on top of just a small segment of the world as one of the elite sheepshead tossers. It could be you!