Apr 5, 2019


I recently had the chance to catch up with a friend from my hometown and talk about something truly inspirational that he helped put together a few years ago.

To set the stage for you, I come from a small rural town of just under 2,000 people. The Randolph community is close-knit, everyone knows everybody, and most people have multiple relatives just down the block. The town is surrounded by farmland, wetland, marshland, and beautiful countryside. Many people hunt and fish and share stories regularly. 

Several years ago, an idea between some close friends began to grow. An idea to reach those less fortunate and offer an opportunity that some may not otherwise have. That idea was “Chops Waterfowl.” When I asked my fellow outdoorsman, Adam Jansma, what Chops Waterfowl is all about, this is what he told me: 

   “I have always enjoyed waterfowl hunting and spend a lot of time in waders in the fall of the year. My friends, friends of friends, family and especially my brother Kyle Jansma (the reason I got started) have grown up duck hunting. Because of my growing passion for the sport, a couple years ago a couple friends (Brennan Rataczak, Ian Schehr, Jeremey Schumann) and I decided that we should start helping out the younger generation with duck hunting. After some discussion and tossing around ideas we came up with the idea of taking young kids, disabled kids and young adults, and pretty much anyone who may want to, but has never had the chance to go duck hunting. Another buddy Chris Keil, from Indiana, and I decided that for all the hunts we would provide all ammunition, lend out our own guns and give a crash course on gun safety prior to hitting the fields. As we began talking with more people about our idea, it quickly became a reality that we were on to something far bigger than just duck hunting and Chops Waterfowl was now taking flight. Since starting in 2015, we have had many donations ranging from various styles of calls to t-shirts to hats, etc. The decision was made from the get go that Chops is 100% about getting the youth started in waterfowl hunting and all donations are given to hunters or used to provide the best experience. This past year we took out 15 different first time hunters, gave out over 25 duck calls, t-shirts, hats, and had an outstanding experience taking out a double amputee (more below on this). This coming fall we are blessed to have the opportunity to be sponsored by various companies and have around 20 hunters already scheduled. Additionally, I have been in contact with All Access Wisconsin, which will be providing a wheel chair with tracks so that no one is limited and we can be fully accommodating. Chops Waterfowl donates to several charities and fundraising events to spread the word and showcase that anyone can participate in the amazing sport of waterfowl hunting given the right opportunity. 75% of the kids we take don’t have an opportunity like this due to their expense limitations, lack of experience, lack of resources, or physical limitations. Chops was created on the sole idea that we have something special to share and no one is limited. “

Chops Waterfowl is a true testament to the kind of people Adam and his friends are. They created it for no reason other than to teach youth and first time hunters how to waterfowl hunt and to share laughs, smiles, and everything hunting.  

Whenever I speak to Adam about Chops and the upcoming seasons, he can hardly contain his passion and excitement. Chops Waterfowl is not a guide service; it does not charge a fee; it does not reap financial benefits; and it does not try to overstep waterfowl guide organizations. Quite simply, they try to help others and they have a heck of a time doing so.