Jul 31, 2019

Musky Fishing: Topwater Chaos

Photo Credit - Kaitlin Woodward

Musky fishing can be extremely thrilling, adventurous, challenging, and heartbreaking all at the same time. If you’re a musky angler, then you certainly understand and have experienced these feelings. Another word I enjoy using to explain musky fishing is – chaotic. Yep, that’s right…. chaotic! You might be wondering why. Well, let’s think about this equation: two musky anglers + one dog + a bunch of gear + one canoe + a river = what??? If your answer is chaotic, then you are correct! I would like you to think about this equation as you read through the story of my first topwater musky.


If you follow along on my fishing adventures via social media, (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) you know I had a successful evening on the water last week while fishing with a few friends, Kaitlin and Emily. We made plans to get on the water around 3:00 pm and to fish until dark. Emily had her kayak, and I fished out of a canoe with Kaitlin and her dog, Kimber. The current was steady and quite fast in certain areas, which took some adjusting at first. As we fished, we decided to stop a few times to stretch our legs, cast into slack water, and enjoy each other’s company. One spot we stopped at did not look too appealing because of the lack of shoreline, but we decided to try our luck and throw some baits. A few minutes had gone by, and Emily shouts, “Got one!” We were all excited to see a smallie jump out from the dark water. Emily reeled the fish in, we snapped some quick photos, and she released it back into the river. Then, within seconds, Kaitlin was hooked up! We spent a good chunk of time at this spot because the smallmouth were hungry. Plus, who doesn’t love catching river smallies?

Eventually, the bass bite slowed way down, and we decided to load up and continue with the float.