Kyle Reinke here, Hello Badger Sportsman!

I would like to introduce myself by saying my roots run deep in my small-town northeast of Wisconsin. A little special place called Crivitz. Crivitz has been a special place in my heart because the people in my small town are family to me and they just so happen be an awesome support group along with my wife and daughter that have watched me rise into the leagues. For the last five years I’ve established myself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I recently have made some decision making from living in the landscape industry life for the last decade to stretching my wings out into the fishing industry. I’m anxious to dive into this industry to help improve our fishing products we use today and to expand the knowledge upon our youth to keep the fishing industry alive!

            I’d like to join the family and home of the Badger Sportsman because this family is strictly Wisconsin homegrown. What better place than the Badger Sportsman Magazine to publish everything to know how to live like a true Wisconsinite! I’d like to write articles and stories about my fishing experiences and to show the ropes to the youth generation by showing them the proper harvesting and releasing fish of our waters. 

Truly A Fisherman For Life-Kyle .D Reinke       


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