I was born and raised in southwest WI in the beautiful driftless area. I started hunting and fishing at a very young age. I have my father and grandfather to thank for that. Most memories of my early childhood have the outdoors and those two people in them and I strive to help create those smiles within others. I volunteer guide for organizations such as Take-A-Vet Fishing as well as our National Wild Turkey Federation Chapter’s Learn to Turkey Hunt event each year. I also host an event at my lake growing up called Kids Learn to Ice Fish.

Our little piece of heaven is surrounded by beautiful small towns and large agricultural areas. Dairy, cattle, and crop farming is what occupies most of the rural areas. Wildlife is plentiful. There are numerous small bodies of water, small creeks, and large rivers that surround me. If I were to choose my favorite outdoor activity to do, I’d have to say spring turkey hunting. The first gobble on roost each morning gets me fired up like it was my first time hearing it. If you by chance tag out early, hook up the boat and head to the lake for some excellent springtime crappie fishing. These springtime activities are fun and easily shared with friends and family.

I have shared my adventures with many over the years. Between volunteering with organizations, helping friends and family, or through videoing my adventures; its what I love to do. I started filming my hunts when I was 15 as I learned to turkey hunt. My buddies and I would sneak to the woods with our mother’s camcorder and strive to tell our stories. Fast forward a few years and I find out that I love to share my stories through video and photos. I have filmed for a few different shows over the years, both behind the camera and in front of the camera. This passion has taken me to Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kentucky, and most of the Midwestern states. Also a little known fact, Badger Sportsman Magazine has been using some of my photos as cover photos for the magazine for several years now. I hope I can continue to create content to share with you all as it’s a big part of what I believe in. Now go do outdoor stuff!



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