Hunt, Gather, Cook

Cookbook, author Hank Shaw, a UW-Madison graduate, shares this recipe with us. Hank has written several cookbooks that embrace the hunter, angler, and gatherer's kitchen. 

Dec 20, 2019Venison Soup
Nov 27, 2019Wild Cranberry Sauce
May 14, 2019Morel Mushroom Risotto
Mar 04, 2019Corned Venison
Feb 07, 2019Trout Cakes
Jan 21, 2019Blackberry Panna Cotta
Oct 30, 2018German Hasenpfeffer Stew
Oct 09, 2018Bear Osso Buco
Jul 10, 2018Duck Breasts
Jun 22, 2018Fish Tacos
May 10, 2018Venison Kebobs
Mar 26, 2018BBQ Smoked Turkey Wings
Mar 10, 2018Smoked Wild Turkey Breast
Feb 10, 2018Venison Meatloaf
Nov 10, 2017Venison Stroganoff with Spaetzle
Sep 09, 2017Grouse Salad with Barley and Cherry Tomatoes
Aug 07, 2017Grilled Fish on the 'Half Shell'
Jun 07, 2017Fried Trout With Peas
Mar 10, 2017Pickled Pike
Jan 08, 2017Mixed Bag Chowder
Nov 28, 2016Polish Pot Roast, Venison Neck
Sep 10, 2016Tailgate Duck Sliders
Aug 08, 2016BLT Fish Sandwich
Jun 10, 2016Fried Morel Appetizer
Mar 10, 2016Turkey Parmesan
Jan 10, 2016Sturgeon Piccata
Nov 10, 2015Mexican Style Shredded Venison
Sep 10, 2015Justin Kohn's Stuffed Teal Breast
Jul 10, 2015Tom Obrien's Crappie Balls
May 10, 2015Walleye Tacos
Mar 10, 2015Spring Green Turkey Hash
Jan 10, 2015Parmesan Artichoke Baked Sturgeon Steaks
Nov 10, 2014Venison Loin With Blueberry Sauce
Sep 10, 2014Cheese Stuffed Bluebill Breasts
Jul 10, 2014Door County Fish Boil
May 10, 2014Mad Dog And Merrill
Mar 10, 2014Grandpa Roger's Venison Jerky
Jan 10, 2014John's Spicy Venison
Jan 14, 2013Hunt, Gather, Cook January / February 2013